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Suggested Reading for Juveniles:

Little Croker by Joe O’Brien


littlecrokerOne thing that Danny Wilde wants more than anything else is for his team, the Littlestown Crokes, to win their League. His Dad, Mick is the coach and he knows they can do it with him on their side. When things go all wrong and Danny ends up staying with his horrible uncle and aunt, who by the way know nothing about GAA, he begins to wonder if the Crokes will be able to make it at all. Then Danny comes up with a brilliant plan, but if it’s going to work he’s going to need an awful lot of help.

That Touch of Magic by Kate McMahon


thattouchofmagicLiz stats the new term late and she feels like the odd one out. Her Granny’s advice to her is to give somebody a helping hand so she tries helping Karen with her project on the barn owl however her suggestions are quickly dismissed. Then she tries to help star hurlers Sean and Colin who are in trouble due to poor class results. Her offer to help them pass a test is rejected as a half-baked fantasy but is it? It’s Halloween after all and isn’t there supposed to be magic in the air?

The Penderwicks on

Gardam Street

thependerwicksongardamstreetThe Penderwick sisters, Rosalind, Skye Jane and Batty are at home on Gardam Street and are ready for an adventure. The adventure they get however isn’t what they had anticipated. Their aunt has decided it’s time for Mr Penderwick to start dating – which his daughters believe will only end in disaster. The girls however come up with a plan to save their Dad but first they have other problems to contend with: Rosalind can’t seem to get Tommy to stop annoying her, Skye loses her temper on the soccer field, Jane’s passion for creative writing lands her in trouble while Batty gets into mischief spying on the new next-door neighbour. Be prepared for big laughs and lots of fun with The Penderwicks on Gardam Street

Star Child by Cathy Hopkins


starchildLife is never dull or boring in Thebes’s house because her parents are astrologers. Thebe’s star sign is Virgo and therefore she is super organized. Even though Thebe does the housework she receives no thanks for it. The question is will her month as a Zodiac Girl give her a chance to shine….




Teen Reads


Death’s Shadow by Darren Shan


deathsshadowBec is back to face the Demonata and after centuries of imprisonment, she is more powerful than ever. But the demons no longer stand alone. Something else has crawled out of the darkness with her. Lord Loss is no longer humanity’s greatest threat……



Life at the shallow end by Helen Bailey


lifeattheshallowendElectra Brown’s life as she knows it is going pear shaped. She’s convinced that her Dad is having a mid life crisis and her Mum is addicted to daytime TV. Even her younger brother has been caught shoplifting.  All that concerns Electra is whether green eyeliner compliments or clashes with her blue eyes…..

The sky inside by Clare B Dunkle


theskyinsideEach year parents meet the next generation of children off a conveyor belt. Every, spring the residents who live in this idyllic suburb remove the snow they’ve glued to their windows and replace it with flowers. Basically every day passes the exact same as the previous day. This is a perfectly-formed, perfectly controlled world but imagine what could happen when everything comes crashing down….

Consequences by Laurie Depp


consequencesBecky gets a summer placement working on a weekend style magazine and she knows that she should be delighted because her dream has always to be a journalist. Becky wants to write about politics and environmental issues which she believes is proper journalism. A perfect opportunity arises for her to prove herself but it is dangerous and confidential and will challenge her in many ways. Could she be out of her depth?