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No Longer Forgotten: Cork Women of the Revolution

No Longer Forgotten:Cork Women of the Revolution

no_longer_forgotten_cork_women_of_the_revolution.pdf (size 9.3 MB)

This exhibition remembers the contribution made by Cork women during the revolution.

Past Exhibitions

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Mary Elmes: 'I Got Things Done'

Mary Elmes

mary-elmes-i-got-things-done.pdf (size 8.2 MB)

This exhibition looks at the life of Mary Elmes.

Ireland 1919: dreaming of change


Ireland 1919 dreaming_of_change.pdf (size 8.4 MB)

This exhibition explores significant historical events in Ireland during 1919.

The Limerick Soviet

the limerick soviet

the_limerick_soviet.pdf (size 4.1 MB)

This exhibition examines the struggle for worker's rights in Limerick, 1919-1921.

The Stonewall Revolution: 50 years of LGBT liberation

The Stonewall Revolution

the_stonewall_revolution_50_years_of_lgbt_liberation.pdf (size 7 MB)

An exhibition focusing on the Stonewall Riots and the struggle for LGBTI+ rights over the past 50 years.

A New Ireland Begins: the first Dáil


a_new_ireland_begins_the_first_dáil.pdf (size 1.4 MB)

An exhibition focusing on the inaugural meeting of Dáil Éireann in 1919 and the TDs who represented Cork City and County.

Heaven out of the Trenches: the war ends and a new Ireland begins?


heaven_out_of_the_trenches_the_war_ends_a_new_Ireland_begins.pdf (size 3 MB)

This exhibition will tell the story of the Armistice which brought the killing to an end, the December 1918 election, and how World War I changed Cork and Ireland and paved the way for independence.

Cork 1918


Cork_1918.pdf (size 6.6 MB)

An exhibition by the Local Studies Department of Cork City Libraries exploring events in Cork in 1918, including the anti-conscription movement, women’s suffrage, historical elections and the end of World War I

Like Fighting with a Ghost: the Spanish Flu 1918-1919


like_fighting_with_a_ghost_the_Spanish_flu.pdf (size 7.2 MB)

This exhibition examines the pandemic that killed millions of people at the end of the First World War

Rory Gallagher Music Library: 40 Years


remembering_Rory_40_years.pdf.pdf (size 4.5 MB)

A tribute exhibition to musician Rory Gallagher

Unfinished Business: a century of women and women’s rights

Unfinished Business a century of women and women's rights

unfinished_business_a_century_of_women_and_womens_rights.pdf (size 8.5 MB)

An exploration of women and women's rights over the past century.

Famine in Cork City


famine_in_Cork_City.pdf (size 2.8 MB)

An exhibition by the Local Studies Department of Cork City Libraries, examining life in Cork during the Famine.

The Life and Literary Legacy of Pádraic O Conaire


the_life_and_literary_legacy_of_Pádraic_O_Conaire.pdf (size 2.2 MB)

Celebrating European Year of Cultural Heritage, this exhibition considers the historical and literary importance of Ó Conaire’s Seacht mBua an Éirí Amach. It also discusses Ó Conaire’s life and other works.

Grand Dukes, Bolsheviks and Drunkards: The Russia Revolutions and Writers


grand_dukes_bolsheviks_and_drunkards.pdf (size 5.3 MB)

The Russian Revolution through the eyes of its revolutionaries and writers.

From Borrowed Space to Cyber Space


from_borrowed_space_to_cyber_space.pdf (size 6.3 MB)

Charting the evolution of the library service in the heart of rebel Cork, this captivating exhibition will bring you on a journey from the opening of the very first public library building in Cork in 1892, through the burning of the city in 1920, to the expansion of Cork City Libraries into the citywide cultural and learning network that it is today.

When Cork Drove Fords: The Ford manufacturing plant and the people of Cork 1917-1984


when_Cork_drove_fords.pdf (size 3.3 MB)

Learn about Henry Ford: the man from Cork who became a titan of business. Explore his Cork connections and the establishment of Henry Ford & Son Ltd. In operation from 1917, ‘Fords’ would go on to be one of the biggest employers in Cork City until 1984.

War is Women’s Business


war_is_women's_business.pdf (size 3.9 MB)

This exhibition examines the everyday life for the women of Cork 100 years ago through theatre, newspapers and popular journals.

The Poets Rising: 1916 and Irish Literature

The Poets Rising

the_poets_rising_1916_and_Irish_literature.pdf (size 5.4 MB)

Discover the influence of the 1916 rebellion on Irish writers, poets, playwrights, and musicians. Look at the work produced by some of Ireland’s most talented writers and with hindsight see the effect this had on Irish society and culture during those turbulent times.

‘While the Mad Guns Curse’: Writers and the Somme


while_the_mad_guns_curse.pdf (size 5 MB)

From the hardships of war often comes great poetry and prose. This exhibition outlines the grim realities of the Battle of the Somme, while examining the influence of this horrific battle on the literary work of those who survived.