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Transparent Languages Online

We are pleased to bring you Transparent Languages, an online language learning platform with over 100 languages, free with your library card. You can access Transparent Language on your desktop, or through the RBDigital app.


Patrons who already have signed up with RBDigital for online magazines:

New users:

  • Desktop users - go to https://lgma.rbdigitalglobal.com/home and scroll down to the tab for Education (Transparent Language). Click on this, and click on Register Now to set up your account. You will need your library card, and to choose Cork City Libraries to complete the process.
  • App - Download the RBDigital app from the App Store or Google Play. Click on register. Choose Ireland, and Cork City Libraries. Tap on Create Account. Enter your library barcode number and fill out all the fields to create your account.


Check with your branch library that your membership is valid. If your membership is ok and the problem persists, please contact RBDigital Help at https://lgma.rbdigitalglobal.com/help/support for desktop, or the in-app support at 'Need Help'?

Universal Class

Universal Class has over 500 online educational courses in a wide range of subjects, free with your library card.

If you would like information on how to use Universal Class, download the Universal Class Help Guide.