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Where's Wally Colouring and Crafts

ww thumb
Where's Wally Colouring Page 
(PDF file 145 KB) 

ww world thumb
Where's Wally Colouring World 
(PDF file 467 KB) 

ww undersea thumb
Where's Wally Colouring Undersea 
(PDF file 246 KB) 

ww china thumb
Where's Wally Colouring China 
(PDF file 265 KB) 

ww egypt thumb
Where's Wally Colouring Egypt 
(PDF file 232 KB) 

ww rushmore thumb
Where's Wally Colouring Mount Rushmore 
(PDF file 264 KB) 

ww london thumb
Where's Wally Colouring London 
(PDF file 229 KB)
Where's Wally Magnetic Bookmarks Template 
(PDF file 219 KB) 

You will need A4 card, crayons or colouring pencils, a scissors,
a colour printer and 2 sticky-back craft magnets per bookmark.

  • Print onto A4 card.
  • Colour.
  • Cut out along the dotted lines.
  • Stick magnets in the indicated space.

ww thumb 
Draw Wally Cartoons (PDF file 114 KB)
Practice tracing and drawing Wally and Woof in this PDF file to download.

Make a Where’s Wally Collage

You will need:

  • a sheet of card to use as your base page
  • sticker sheets or address labels for a printer
  • scrap magazines
  • printer
  • scissors
  • glue

You will also need internet access to

Print Wally images from the official Where’s Wally site onto the sticker sheets . Stick the Wallys onto your base page, and hide Wally using layers of pictures cut from the magazines.

Mr. Men Colouring and Crafts

Mr. Men Colouring Pages

(PDF file 58 KB) 

(PDF file 72 KB) 

(PDF file 148 KB) 

(PDF file 97 KB) 

(PDF file 66 KB)

(PDF file 163 KB)

Print and Colour Your Own Mr. Men Stickers
Print onto A4 sheets of 2 x 2 address labels, label size 139mm x 99.1 mm
MrMenStickers (PDF file 628 KB)

Make Your Own Mr. Bump
How_To_Make_Mr_Bump (PDF file 258 KB)

Learn to Draw Mr. Men Cartoons: Worksheets
LearnToDrawMrMenWorkbook (654 KB)

Roald Dahl Colouring Pages

esio trot thumb 

Esio Trot Colouring Page 

(PDF file 130 KB)

george's marvellous medicine thumb 

George's Marvellous Medicine Colouring Page 

(PDF file 166 KB)

matilda thumb 

Matilda Colouring Page 

(PDF file 159 KB)

the bfg thumb 

The BFG Colouring Page 

(PDF file 125 KB)

the twits thumb 

The Twits Colouring Page 

(PDF file 125 KB)

witches thumb 

The Witches Colouring Page 

(PDF file 118 KB)

 charlie thumb

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Colouring Page

(PDF file 152 KB)

 crocodile thumb

The Enormous Crocodile Colouring Page 

(PDF file 169 KB)


James and the Giant Peach Colouring Page

(PDF file 143 KB)

fantastic mr fox colouring thumb

Fantastic Mr Fox Colouring Page

(PDF file 143 KB)

Horrid Henry Colouring & Crafts

Based on the Horrid Henry books by Francesca Simon and illustrated by Tony Ross

Horrid Henry Colouring thumb 

Horrid Henry Colouring

(PDF file 117 KB) 

Don't Be Horrid Henry Colouring thumb 

Don't Be Horrid Henry Colouring 

(PDF file 288 KB) 

Don't Be Horrid Henry Colouring 2 thumb 

Don't Be Horrid Henry Colouring 2 

(PDF file 286 KB)

Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter Colouring thumb 

Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter Colouring 

(PDF file 215 KB)

Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend Colouring thumb 

Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend Colouring 

(PDF file 268 KB)

Horrid Henry's Birthday Party Colouring thumb 

Horrid Henry's Birthday Party Colouring 

(PDF file 294 KB)

 Horrid Henry's Underpants Colouring thumb

Horrid Henry's Underpants Colouring 

(PDF file 254 KB)

 Horrid Henry Bookmarks thumb

Make Horrid Henry Bookmarks

(PDF file 126 KB)

Jeremy Strong Colouring Pages

batpants thumb 

Batpants Colouring Page 

(PDF file 250 KB)

killer tomatoes thumb 

Beware Killer Tomatoes Colouring Page 

(PDF file 340 KB)

dinosaur pox thumb 

Dinosaur Pox Colouring Page 

(PDF file 308 KB)

dr bonkers thumb 

Doctor Bonkers Colouring Page 

(PDF file 313 KB)

hundred mile an hour dog thumb 

The 100 Mile An Hour Dog Colouring Page 

(PDF file 297 KB)


Lost The 100 Mile An Hour Dog Colouring Page 

(PDF file 258 KB)

granny escape thumb 

My Granny's Great Escape Colouring Page 

(PDF file 277 KB)

alligator thumb 

My Dad's Got An Alligator Colouring Page 

(PDF file 266 KB) 

 hot cross bottom thumb

My Brother's Hot Cross Bottom Colouring Page 

(PDF file 272 KB)

 famous bottom camping thumb

My Brother's Famous Bottom Goes Camping Colouring Page 

(PDF file 288 KB)

Captain Underpants Colouring Pages

Based on the Captain Underpants books by Dav Pilkey

captain underpants colouring thumb 

Captain Underpants Colouring 

(PDF file 244 KB)

Captain Underpants Colouring 2 thumb 

Captain Underpants Colouring 2 

(PDF file 512 KB)

 Professor Poopypants Colouring Thumb

Professor Poopypants Colouring 

(PDF file 332 KB)

 Wicked Wedgie Woman Colouring thumb

Wicked Wedgie Woman Colouring 

(PDF file 316 KB)

 Talking Toilets Colouring thumb

Talking Toilets Colouring 

(PDF file 298 KB)

 Bionic Booger Boy Colouring thumb

Bionic Booger Boy Colouring 

(PDF file 300 KB)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Colouring Pages

Based on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books by Jeff Kinney

wimpy kid colouring thumb  Wimpy Kid Colouring 1 (PDF file 166 KB) wimpy kid colouring 2 thumb  Wimpy Kid Colouring 2 (PDF file 127 KB)
wimpy kid colouring 3 thumb  Wimpy Kid Colouring 3 (PDF file 141 KB)   wimpy kid colouring 4 thumb  Wimpy Kid Colouring 4 (PDF file 146 KB)
wimpy kid colouring 5 thumb  Wimpy Kid Colouring 5 (PDF file 132 KB) wimpy kid colouring 6 thumb  Wimpy Kid Colouring 6 (PDF file 146 KB)
wimpy kid colouring 7 thumb  Wimpy Kid Colouring 7 (PDF file 128 KB) wimpy kid colouring 8 thumb  Wimpy Kid Colouring 8 (PDF file 143 KB)

Hans Christian Andersen Colouring Pages

Based on original artwork by Alan Barrett

hans colouring thumb  Hans Christian Andersen Colouring (PDF file 226 KB) 

emperor thumb  The Emperor's New Clothes Colouring (PDF file 273 KB)

thumbelina thumb  Thumbelina Colouring (PDF file 257 KB)

 nightingalethumb The Nightingale Colouring (PDF file 276 KB)

 princessthumb The Real Princess Colouring (PDF file 222 KB)

tinsoldierthumb  The Steadfast Tin Soldier Colouring (PDF file 260 KB)

The Butterfly Lion Colouring and Crafts

Based on The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo

Butterfly Lion Colouring thumb 

Butterfly Lion Colouring 

(PDF file 406 KB) 

Butterfly Lion bookmarks thumb 

Butterfly Lion Bookmarks 

(PDF file 247 KB) 

Butterfly Lion Doorhangers thumb 

Butterfly Lion Doorhangers 

(PDF file 474 KB) 


Make A White Lion 

(PDF file 527 KB)

 lion colouring 1 thumb

Lion Colouring 1 

(PDF file 128 KB)

 lion colouring 2 thumb

Lion Colouring 2 

(PDF file 23.4 KB)

More Colouring Pages

Dirty Bertie Colouring thumb 

Dirty Bertie by David Roberts

Dirty Bertie Colouring

(PDF file 163 KB) 

 ese thumb

Éan Scéal Eile by Seán Ó Laoghaire

Ean Sceal Eile Colouring

(PDF file 187 KB)

more pants thumb 

More Pants by Giles Andreae

More Pants Colouring 

(PDF file 193 KB)

Mummy's Magic Handbag Colouring thumb 

Mummy's Magic Handbag by Paulette Bogan

Mummy's Magic Handbag Colouring 

(PDF file 240 KB)

 The Adventures of Pinkie Colouring thumb

The Adventures of Pinkie by Maddy Rose

The Adventures of Pinkie Colouring 

(PDF file 142 KB)

 the chimpanzees of happytown thumb

The Chimpanzees of Happpytown by Giles Andreae

The Chimpanzees of Happytown Colouring 

(PDF file 142 KB)

 the legend of captain crow's teeth thumb

The Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth by Eoin Colfer

The Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth Colouring 

(PDF file 306 KB)

 Tiger in a Pink Hat Colouring thumb

Tiger In A Pink Hat by Nicola Stott McCourt

Tiger in a Pink Hat Colouring 

(PDF file 143 KB)

 the lion who wanted to love thumb

The Lion Who Wanted To Love by Giles Andreae

The Lion Who Wanted To Love Colouring 

(PDF file 212 KB)

cliffhanger thumb 

Cliffhanger by Jacqueline Wilson

Cliffhanger Colouring 

(PDF file 271 KB)


Johnny Catbiscuit and The Tentacles of Doom by Michael Cox

Johnny Catbiscuit Colouring

(PDF file 177 KB)

 fergus cranethumb

Fergus Crane by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Fergus Crane Colouring

(PDF file 187 KB)

The Hollyhill Book of the Summer

During July, 18 children took part in poetry, art and photography workshops here in the library, to produce the Hollyhill Book of the Summer.

Download the book below in PDF format:

HBScoverthumb  Hollyhill Book of the Summer  (1.1 MB)

Thanks and well done to all who took part.