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Lila wants to be a firework maker like her father. When her father refuses to give her his firework making secrets, Lila sets out to visit the Fire-fiend's grotto in the mountains. Helped by her friend, Chulak, and his white elephant, Hamlet, they have many many adventures along the way, ending in a big firework extravaganza. Will Lila's firework skills be enough to save her father from danger?


  • Lila
  • Lalchand, Lila's father 
  • Chulak
  • Hamlet, a white elephant
  • Rambashi, a taxi driver, robber, cook!

About the author:philip pullman


Philip Pullman was born in Norwich, England in 1946. His family travelled around during his childhood, and he lived in Africa and Australia before finally settling in Wales. Philip was a teacher before he became a full time writer. He has published more than 30 books and plays for adults and children.

His most famous books are the His Dark Materials trilogy, the first of which, Northern Lights, was made into the film 'The Golden Compass'.

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