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An email from the author of Dog Lost, Ingrid Lee

Dear Students and Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in the One Book One Community initiative, and for reading Dog Lost. As most of you know, the real Cash lives with her boy Mackenzie in downtown Toronto. She did not do the heroic rescues that are depicted in the story. But she did rescue my family in a very special way. She brought us together.

When I set first set out to write a book, it was about a very different subject. I asked Mackenzie if he thought I had a good idea. He was about twenty years old at the time. He looked at me and said, "Mom, why don't you write about something that really matters?" So I did.  I wrote Dog Lost. I wrote about being steadfast - and about the importance of family - and about love. Those things matter.

Students and parents, I am overwhelmed by your comments. In them, you show your own sense of love and community, and your respect for things that matter. I shall keep your reviews and your poems always.

I extend many thanks also to your teachers and librarians and all who assisted in the project, for the hard work done to remind us of the place and power of books in our increasingly frantic world.

Warmest regards,



More about Cash

Ingrid Lee emailed us again with new photos of Cash, and a little bit more about him! She writes:

'Cash is now about twelve at best guess.  She lives in downtown Toronto with Mackenzie and with Naz and her dog, Shadow.  And of course, now there is baby, Alexis.  Shadow is a Chihuahua (who at best guess is about eighteen years of age) and he was rescued from the street too.  Mackenzie's wife, Naz, saved him.  Cash and Shadow have lived together for about eight years.'