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pawprint_smallA Selection of Poems inspired by Dog Lost

Dog Lost by Maria Walker (parent)

My dad stumbled in with a dog named Cash,
An instant love within a flash.
It was the cutest dog I ever saw,
But very dangerous says the law.
A great pitbull is what’s in sight,
Everyone thinks they are made to fight.
But it’s not what you hear or what you see,
It’s her personality which pleases me.
See, this is the case with my Dad,
Gave her away, hearing she was bad
Jumped in his car while still drunk
With poor old Cash cowering in the trunk.
Now abandoned all alone,
Learning to fight and survive on her own
The picked up by thugs who didn’t care,,
To leave her fight so they could cheer.
All of a sudden she broke free,
And she came looking for me
She ended up in an old mill yard,
Where she saved a life which must have been hard.
But when again, she is the Wonderdog
And her love I want to hog.
This is the story about my Wonderdog and me,
Her name is Cash, mine is Mackenzie.

Extract from A Lonely Boy by Jim Doherty (grandparent)

A boy sat in a lonely room, in a lonely house,
his mother gone, his brother too,
no friends Mackenzie had
Then someone in the dark of night arrived with a surprise, a little puppy dog
who’d keep him calm and bright

Mackenzie went to school next day relieved of any pain.
He knew when he got home that day, his dog with him would play.

This dog took over that boy’s life before and after school.
He’d play and pamper his little pet until his dad came home.

Dog Lost by Deirdre O’Regan (parent)

Cash is a pit bull and so full of zest
Her best friend is Mac who loved her the best
They played together day and night
Until Mac’s dad fell, and said ‘Right!’
Cash was taken to the outskirts of town,
Lost and alone she felt so down
When Mac found out he began to look
Searching all of the paths they both took
Cash was a fighter she had to win
Her way for survival was scouring the bin
A boy named Darren had seen Cash around
He thought of a plan to make him a pound
Dog fighting was the name of the game
Left scarred and maimed is such a shame
Cash escaped and ran to the track
The old lady and Abi were glad Cash was back.
A wonder dog they began to say
for the deeds she did along the way
It all came to a head when Darren fell
The building was not used, it was like a well
The policeman had seen it all from afar
He called for help from his car
As he went to help he was too late
For Cash had jumped in, regardless of fate
Mac had arrived just as Darren was saved
Deep and murky water Cash had braved
But none of that mattered anymore
Reunited with each other as they were before
A happy ending it turned out to be
A brave dog and his owner was great to see.

Dog Lost by Cian Murphy (pupil)

I just Don’t know
Where she could have gOne
I’m Going to start crying
I’m all aLone
I just want to knOw
Is She
Ever going To come back?

Dog Lost by Fiona O’Sullivan (parent)

Two lost little souls
loved by whom? God only knows
found each other one day
To be together forever, Mackenzie prayed
Mr O’Rourke, cruel and bold
threw Cash out into the nights cold,
Lost, frightened and confused
Cash was trapped to fight, but she refused
A kind old lady fed her scraps
Cash saved her life to pay her back
She helped those good or bad
but still Cash was lonely and sad
Til one day Mackenzie’s brother
returned to save the day
Boy and dog were again together
Forever as Mackenzie prayed

Dog Lost by Noreen Good (parent)

My name is called Cash and I am only a pup
My life was so good it was on the up
And then it all changed at the drop of a hat
Mackenzie’s father made sure of that.
What had I done? I believe it was nothing
But being a pitbull it had to be something.
I am so lonely, I am only a pup, the water so deep
If I fall in I will go to sleep
Oh Mackenzie I wish you were here
To feed me and look after me and fill me with cheer
And now that you have found me, this small pup
I can sleep in my bed and watch you grow up.

Dog Lost by Charlotte Kiely (pupil)

I love, I love, I love, I love my dog Cash
But why did my dad treat him like trash
He left him on the road to die
And this made a tear come from my eye
Now Cash was gone, he was all alone
When Kid came back, my dad wouldn’t give him any slack
When cash returned, he saved a life and was on the news
And because of that pitbulls are not abused
They are loved and cared
Now my dog is back, my life is complete
Me and my dog walk beat to beat.

Pitbulls by Patrick Kiely (parent)

Pitbulls, Pitbulls, Pitbulls
Pitbulls, Pitbulls, Pitbulls

Pitbull by Shannon O’Driscoll (pupil)

Precious, Intelligent, Terrific, Brave, Unique, Loyal, Loveable

Dog Lost by Steven Feeney (pupil)

Mackenzie and cash love to play
Their friendship gets stronger day by day
Looks and stares do not halt
For Mackenzie sees Cash with no fault.
Separated, a true friend lost.
Adventures and rescues for our heroic Cash
Reunited once again, Mackenzie and Cash
True friendship never ends
Their love can last.

Dog Lost by Sarah Byrd (pupil)

Mackenzie got a puppy named Cash
When they went for a walk she took a big splash
Mackenzie’s brother ran away
Mackenzie told Cash on a sunny day
They were joined from heart to heart
They never wanted to be apart
Cash left, she didn’t get to choose
That day Mackenzie lost a friend he didn’t want to lose
Soon boy and dog were reunited
Both of them were delighted
Pitbulls were all alone
Now they all found a home

Dog Lost by Jade Ryan (pupil)

There was a creak from the door
Mackenzie thought it was his dad once more
When he woke up
Well what was in his bed? A pup!
A small pitbull lay in the bed
With a lovely shaped brown and white head.
His name was Cash
But everyone thought she was full of trash
When Mackenzie’s dad gets fed up
He gets rid of the dog, and Mackenzie never gives up,
Read this book
And you will imagine the adventures that they took.

Dog Lost by Nicole Walsh (pupil)

Dogs are great animals
Often bad
Good for fun
Labradors are big and fluffy
Others are good and loving
Some dogs are bad
Terriers are small

Scrappy by Mark Hegarty Quinn (pupil)

I have a dog
His name is Scrappy
Chewing furniture
Makes him happy

Every week we have to
Buy him a new bed
He’s treated like a king
And he’s always well fed
He chews blankets
He chews mats
One of his favourite things
Is going for baths

He loves jumping about
In the bubbles and suds
For my dog Scrappy
I always have hugs

Sleeping and napping
Next to me
My favourite dog
Is my friend Scrappy

Dog Lost by Yvonne Broderick (parent)

Mackenzie’s life was very sad
Little love and compassion he had
Until one day his father brought home a dog
The dog was named Cash, Mackenzie felt he had won a lot
Cash grew up to be big and strong
He jumped on Mackenzie’s dad, he didn’t know he did wrong
Mackenzie’s dad took Cash away
He broke his son’s heart by not letting the dog stay
Cash was all alone and afraid
His dog instincts helped him survive and find food and shelter
He started helping people in need
They returned the favour by giving him food to feed
Cash saved a woman when her house was on fire
Now he’s a hero everyone admires
Mackenzie and Cash got back together
Now they spend all their time together in all types of weather.