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pawprint_smallHere is what children and parents had to say about Dog Lost

'Ingrid Lee deals with a lot of sensitive issues in this book, such as child abuse, animal cruelty and violence. While the book was humourous in parts, it also dealt with other emotions such as love, fear, loneliness and courage. I found myself engrossed in this book.  I think this was a tough book to read at times, as the details of the dog fights and their consequences unfolded. However, the story proved that there are no bad dogs only bad owners.'
Vicky O’Sullivan (parent)

'Not only a perfect book for dog lovers, a book that deals with the suffering of a lot of people told through a dog’s life... love won over all. Everyone in the book was looking to be loved and Cash brought it out in everyone.'
Patricia Wallace (parent)

'This book is a really lovely story about love, hate, abandonment, survival and how one dog can change people’s views on things.'
Charlotte Barry (parent)

'Dog Lost is a moving story about a pit bull named Cash who got lost and her owner Mackenzie trying to look for her all over town. I didn’t like the part where James was throwing Cash into the fields and leaving him there. Although I did like the part at the end where Mackenzie moves in with Kid, and Cash is back with Mackenzie.'
Jade Foley (pupil)

'I really enjoyed the book Dog Lost by Ingrid Lee. Although some parts of the book were a bit upsetting, overall I found it a lovely book and couldn’t resist the urge to keep reading to the end. I just couldn’t put the book down.'
Siobhan Foley (parent)

'I think everybody should read this book. I say "don’t judge a book by its cover, but look what’s inside."’
Robert O’Regan (pupil)

'I would give this book 5 stars.  It was a fantastic book for both children and adults. I think I must have gone through every emotion reading it.... I could understand now, while my son was reading Dog Lost, he kept talking about it. I am so glad I got to read Dog Lost.'
Deirdre O’Regan (parent)

'Good children’s book, I enjoyed reading it. The book will make you sad, mad and happy. It is a great book and advocates against breed discrimination. Dog Lost is written so that the reader can understand how each character feels and survives. I also appreciated the fact that this was a dog book where the dog didn’t die. Definitely more of an Incredible Journey than Old Yeller.'
Annamarie O’Neill (parent)

'Mackenzie never gave up hope which is a very important message.'
Donna O’Brien (pupil)

'I found this book to be very interesting. I really liked the character Mackenzie because he was a very good boy who loved his dog Cash.  The relationship between Cash and Mackenzie was far better than the relationship he had with his own father. From the first chapter I knew Mackenzie’s father was going to be the villain on this book, and I was very interested in how the author would portray him throughout. At times I found the book funny, but overall I found it sad. I would recommend this book to everyone to read and they can make up their own minds but for me, I think the author wrote a very enjoyable book.'
Jackie Murphy (parent)

'Dog Lost is my favourite book because, one thing, it’s about dogs, and second, there are a few reasons about illegally treating pets. Reading this book would make you wonder that dogs are just like any other living animal... Dog Lost is a book that touches your heart. But one thing I would change is the blurb. I would say ‘One dog, one boy, one book: Read Dog Lost as Mackenzie takes an adventure of a lifetime and soon Cash becomes boy’s best friend.’
Leah Ryan (pupil)

'This book is very good to read to your kids, as you go along you can explain all the different emotions in the story.'
Jacqueline Harte (parent)

'Dog Lost is a touching story about the love between 11 year old Mackenzie and Cash, the pitbull puppy his dad wins in a gambling bet. It covers subjects such as neglect, animal cruelty and the fear of certain breeds of dog. I found the book to be graphic in some places, but just as much a redeeming value and a happy ending. The coolest part of the story is how Cash saves people’s lives. Cash is a true dog hero.'
Joyce Hawkins (parent)

'After reading Dog Lost I thought it was an amazing story of love, friendship, trust and the bond between this young boy and his dog was unbreakable. Mackenzie had a hard life since his mother died and the only thing that gave that boy a reason to live and love life was Cash. It brings an awful lot of reality to life when you read this book as these things are happening all over the world today, drunken parents, heartache of losing a parent, antisocial abuse of animals and young children trying to live as happy as they can. I would strongly recommend this beautiful yet sad book to any family to read, it has an amazing ending, top marks!'
Christina Sheehan (parent)

'Many people would be reluctant to help those who caused them harm, but Cash had a nurturing side to her, that she did not give a second thought to rescuing Darren despite the risk of her own life. Though struggling in helping Darren, it was the voice of his master that kept Cash going. It was the voice of hope.'
Jennifer Brooks (parent)

'In my opinion this is a very good book and that’s from an adult’s point of view, at no point did it bore me or make me feel that I was reading a children’s book, it dealt with the serious issue of illegal dog fighting but not in a way to frighten or upset the reader. When I first got the book I was a bit sceptical and thought it would be more endured than enjoyed but the opposite was the case. A well written and interesting book by all standards.'
Brian Fitzgerald (parent)

'Dog Lost is a wonderful story. It is a story of love, trust, hate and abuse. It is a must read for any animal lover... the characters in the book are portrayed extremely well and are all linked to this dog’s adventure in trying to find Mackenzie.'
Rosanna Hyde (parent)

'Shannon really enjoyed reading the book Dog Lost. She used to come home from school every day and would take the book out of her sack right away and she would read, read, read. I am so happy that she would take her time to read the book because it’s based on not judging people or animals by what they look like and I think myself that the book was great, and would be suitable for all ages.'
Catherina O’Driscoll (parent)

'Dog Lost is an exciting story about a boy and his dog. The boy loses his mother and later his best friend, but refuses to give up on finding (Cash) his dog. It’s a real adventure for the puppy who turns into the town hero. This is a great book, all about second chances. It’s a book of love and friendship and Cash and Mackenzie make a wonderful team.'
Shirley Feeney (parent)

'Dog Lost is my all time favourite book. Ingrid Lee is amazing.'
Jessica Murray (pupil)

'It was very entertaining with a fabulous ending... I felt I could relate to the book myself as I own four pitbulls and find that they are judged very wrongly.'
Donna Byrd (parent)

'Dog Lost is a sweet, adventurous tale about a friendship that grows between a young boy and a puppy. It’s also about how far someone will go to save someone they love.'
Ebley Bruton Nash (pupil)

'I have 5 children all ageing between 11 years and 20 years and in all that time I’ve never picked up a book and read it from cover to cover, but in the last 4 to 5 years the school has a program in place to try and get the kids to read more. Which I for one think it is fantastic, as through this program I started to read myself. The first book I read in years was Dog Lost. I lose concentration easily but, when I read Dog Lost it kept me focused and I had the book read in a day. I surprised myself I couldn’t put it down. I found the book friendly, sad, giggly, and most enjoyable, but I did think Mackenzie would find Cash sooner as they found a buddy in each other. Can’t wait till the next book is introduced to the school. Look forward to it!'
Colette O’Driscoll (parent)

'Dog Lost is a lovely story about a boy and his pitbull. It is a story that keeps you turning the page.... I really enjoyed the book. It is so well written you could picture it all so well.'
Jeannette Leahy (parent)

'This book is very good in my opinion. It makes the children more aware of such things are the dog-fighting and how wrong it is. It shows the importance of the relationship between a pet and its owner.'
Catherine Corriea (parent)

'I really like this book a lot. This book is very true about dogs fighting. It’s cruel to let dogs fight, it’s true that dogs die while fighting. The family have a lot of problems in the book. I think it’s lovely that the dog and Mackenzie get on well. Some dogs are dangerous but some are not, Cash is a hero and helped a lot of people. I think he is a brave dog. I think the ending was great, and a happy one. I give this book 10 out of 10. I will read it again.'
Conor Downey (pupil)

'In my opinion, I thought the book was very good. It gives you an insight into various issues like death, friendship, family problems, dangerous breeds and dog fighting. This book can teach children a lot and they will understand more about these issues from reading this story. I do think some dogs are dangerous, for example, pitbulls, rottweilers etc. but this story also proves some are not. It’s not the dogs that should be judged, it’s the owners are the ones who should step up and be more responsible, I like the way this story covers the issue of dog fighting because I find it extremely appalling that anyone would do this to dogs. I myself love dogs so this was a great book for me. I give this book 10 out of 10 and I would happily recommend it to anyone.'
Geraldine Downey (parent)

'Dog Lost is a brilliant book for children and adults. Ingrid Lee is a brilliant author. My favourite part is where she got Ms Brody out of her house.'
William Keenan (pupil)

'Dog Lost is a heart-warming story about a dog named Cash. Cash is a pitbull terrier, a breed of dog that terrify people as they are thought to be a dangerous breed of dog. This is a wonderful story that shows us that dogs, just like humans have good and bad, and it has a lot to do with how you treat the dog. This is a heart-warming feel good story, that really does show that you should never judge a book by its cover, and it shows how easily our lives can be intertwined with others by one common thing. It also shows how that one thing or person can change our lives and connect us all, especially to the ones we love.'
Louise Keenan (parent)