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A Message from Gill

We emailed Gill Lewis, author of Sky Hawk to let her know about our project. Read her reply below.

''I'm absolutely thrilled and delighted that Sky Hawk has been chosen! Wow! What an honour! Thank you so much.
I hope the children enjoy reading Sky Hawk and I hope they also enjoy the book clubs, falconry displays and writing competitions. I note you have activities going through to March, which can be a very exciting osprey time as the ospreys are returning from Africa in March. I will put osprey websites and webcam links below. It's amazing to watch them on the webcams, as they return, lay and incubate their eggs. 
Some web links are:
Once again, many thanks…and I look forward to hearing from you and/or readers in the months to come.
Best wishes
Gill Lewis''

About Gill Lewis


Gill Lewis loved animals from a young age. She became a vet. When she had children of her own, she realised how much she loved writing stories, so she went to university to learn how to write books for young people. As well as Sky Hawk, she has also written White Dolphin. Gill lives in Somerset with her family, and animals. Visit Gill's website at or her blog at

White_Dolphin_120x192 White Dolphin by Gill Lewis