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DoubleHawk Writing Competition

‌Hollyhill Library is delighted to announce that Mia Wallace and her father Seán are the winners of the DoubleHawk competition. Well done, both!

Mia wrote: ‘Sky Hawk is a book about two people Iona and Callum. Their friendship develops and grows stronger as you read the book. Iona shows Callum an osprey on his farm that no-one knows about.’

Dad, Seán wrote: ‘Sky Hawk is a heart-warming story that deals with both timeless and timely ideals that make us think on humanity and what it means to be human. The most striking thing about the book is the amount of different important things about life it makes us think about. For a children’s book this is surprising and refreshing. I’d recommend it for any child as it is an accessible and wonderful book.’


Well done Mia and Seán

DoubleHawk was a competition for families who read Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis in the One Book One Community project. A child and their parent (or guardian) each wrote a piece for the competition and enter it together.