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Sky Hawk Poetry by children of Scoil Padre Pio, Churchfield

Sky Hawk by Michael Dorgan

Out by the loch
Seen very rarely
Preys on fish
Raising its young
Eating fish
Young ospreys are so cute

Sky Hawk by Chloe Higgins

Kept between friends
You will never know

How had it got there?
Where it came from?
Keep the secret, save the bird

Iona by Chloe L

Iona only knows there’s
Ospreys on the farm
Now she has told Callum
And can they keep them from harm?

Osprey by Ian Leahy

On the first chapter I was amazed
Some of them at Iris gazed
Panic not, don’t raise an alarm
Real life osprey on the farm
You need to keep them from harm

Along adventures you will see

Sky Hawk holds a key
Kick the ball down the valley
You go on your bike down a rally
How that book was so good
And I’ll read it again yes I would
Wow what a book!
Know this, my heart it took.

Sky Hawk poem by Valerija

My friend found a bird
You never seen before
She eats fish and flies so high
That bird is an osprey
Even mum gasped when I told her
Rumour came that osprey died
You will know what happened next.

Sky Hawk by Filip Gajda

Secrets in the trees
Kilograms of birds
Young children can discover

High above the ground
A bird is flying too
Weak ones fly too
Knowledge you will discover by reading Sky Hawk

Sky Hawk by Darragh Cotter

Super hawk soars right through
Kids think he’s super cool
You will see him in Scotland

Happy Hawk hunts for food,
And lays eggs in her nest
Waiting to hear a slight crack,
Knowing that she won’t regret, the little chicks she has fed

Iona by Tara Galgey

Intelligent girl is Iona
Only tells the truth
Never will tell about osprey
And now she has shared it.

Sky Hawk by Megan Collins

Sky Hawk, what a wonderful book
Kept me interested on every single page
You should really read it, trust me
How hard it was to keep a secret
All ended but never forgotten
What an adventure about two best friends
Keep reading, don’t stop. Trust me!

Sky Hawk by Mia Wallace

Sky Hawk is a great book
Kept me interested on every page
You should read it too
How hard it is to keep a secret
A challenge for both of them
When the secret is out
Keep it away from the wrong ears.