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Reviews of Sky Hawk

Sean, parent
Sky Hawk is a heart-warming story that deals with both timeless and timely ideals that make us think on humanity and what it means to be human. The most striking thing about the book is the amount of different important things about life it makes us think about. For a children’s book this is surprising and refreshing. I’d recommend it for any child as it is an accessible and wonderful book.’

Mia, child
Sky Hawk is a book about two people Iona and Callum. Their friendship develops and grows stronger as you read the book. Iona shows Callum an osprey on his farm that no-one knows about.

Aishling, child
The book contains a big sadness in it as well as lots of tension so it would be a good idea to have a box of tissues ready when you start reading. I would recommend Sky Hawk to anyone who is my age or older. I think it would even appeal to grown-ups. I feel lucky to have read this book.

Breda, grand-parent
When my grand-daughter asked me to read this book I was doubtful about reading it as I felt as though I was beyond reading children’s books, but I was glad in the end to read it, as it is a very powerful book as it brings adults and children alike together.

Geraldine, parent
I love the way she captured how a beautiful wild bird could be responsible for so many friendships and how people came together when it really mattered.

Michael, child and Deirdre, parent
I liked reading Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis because it was a fantastic book and it gave me new information about ospreys and Scotland. I like birds and breed them, so the story was very interesting to me. I would recommend this book to a friend because it is an interesting story and it has a happy ending and everyone helps each other.

Anita, parent
The characters in the books were very good, especially Iona and Callum. It really opens your eyes, I couldn’t leave the book out of my hands til I read the whole lot.

Michelle, parent
I laughed and cried my way through Sky Hawk. The story was so moving and showed how kids from different walks of life can touch each other and how common interests like animals can bring them together.

Denise, parent
I found this book was very vivid in description of characters, places and objects. The story really captures your imagination and draws you in, because it was a great story of friendship, trust and loyalty.

Brian, child
Sky Hawk tells the tale of Callum, a boy who lives and works on a farm. A girl named Iona show him her secret: an osprey, a very rare bird. Callum and Iona do their best to protect Iris (the osprey) from harm, but Iona gets sick and now it’s up to Callum to protect Iris.

Agnes, parent
This book was a lovely story of friendship of a young girl, a boy, and their love for an osprey, and the lengths they go to protect her.

Racheal, child
Sky Hawk is a good book because it has a lot of detail in it. At the start there are only 4 characters, but coming up to the middle more characters come into it. There is an osprey that only Iona knows about, then she tells Callum. Every day they go up to the hills to watch the osprey.

Karen, parent
I could not put this book down, I really loved it. From beginning to end, Gill Lewis really knows how to keep you engrossed in her book.

Antanas, parent
My favourite part in that book was the moment when Iris was flying back home and Jeneba took her first steps. I felt like I was there.

Malgorzata, parent
I just finished reading the book Sky Hawk. I would recommend it to anyone who likes animals. But if you want to read Sky Hawk, make sure that you haven’t anything planned because if you read the first few pages, you won’t be able to stop.

Michael, child
Sky Hawk has brilliant characterisation and vivid descriptions. I was in my bed eager to read more.

Chloe, child
I liked Sky Hawk because I love nature and birds and the story is sad but happy at the same time.

Review in poetry by Megan, child

Sky Hawk, what a wonderful book
Kept me interested on every single page
You should really read it, trust me
How hard it was to keep a secret
All ended but never forgotten
What an adventure about two best friends
Keep reading, don’t stop. Trust me!

Conor, child
I never used to like birds before but now I am more interested in them