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Parents' reviews of Now by Morris Gleitzman

This book makes me feel happy because the ending is very happy and exciting. My favourite part of the story was when Tanya apologised to Zelda for all of the terrible things she had done. My favourite character is Josh because he did not care about his sister’s opinion of Zelda and continued to be his friend. Three words to describe this book are exciting, interesting and emotional.
Niamh, parent

Felix is my favourite character because he is caring. Three words to describe the book are outstanding, tragic and creative. I like the book because it was nail-biting and I couldn’t put it down. I give this book 9/10 because it is suitable for all ages.
Margaret, parent

The book made me feel very sad for Zelda for being bullied, but happy that she has a lovely grandfather like Felix. The best part of the book was lots of people survived the fire. My favourite character was Felix because he saved Josh’s life.
Michael, parent

This book makes me feel hopeful that people can change to become better inside and work together when someone needs help. My favourite part was when Zelda became friends with Tonya again. Felix is my favourite character because he is very thoughtful and loving towards Zelda. Three words to describe the book are nail-biting, heart-warming, and hopeful. I liked the book because it shows people can change, and material things don’t really matter.
Samantha, parent

My favourite character is Zelda because she is a very smart girl but sometimes she makes bad decisions. This book was good, and nail-biting.
Alexandra, parent

This story made me feel like anything is possible if you do it out of the goodness of your heart. My favourite part of the story was when Zelda stood up for every family that should be together, because nobody deserves to be without their family.
Catherine, guardian

This book ‘Now’ gave me all different emotions such as happy, sad, excited, shocked and interested. Felix is my favourite character as he has an exciting story to tell Zelda, and he always knows what to say when something’s wrong. I enjoyed the book. I found it to be interesting and fun. I also liked the bravery in the story, and how it was quite emotional.
Maria, guardian

Felix was my favourite character because he was strong, always made his thoughts known and leaves the past behind. He never gives up. The book is full of twists. My favourite part is when Felix meets all the people he healed. I like the book because it had something to tell. If you have a dream, recognise it and work at it til you achieve it.
Jeremy, parent

My favourite character was Zelda. She has a lovely caring way as a young child trying not to upset her grandfather. The book was upsetting, but there was a good ending. A happy one.
Deirdre, parent

The book made me feel a bit sad, because the house started to burn and all precious things got burnt. The favourite part of the story is when Zelda did the operation. It shows how brave Zelda could be, and that Felix could trust her. Felix is my favourite character because he is courageous, caring, helpful and loving. This book is tragic, excellent, exciting and haunting, outstanding, imaginative and creative.
Faith, parent

I loved this book because it is easy to read and I didn’t want to put it down. It was moving, captivating and really exciting.
Lorraine, parent

Reading this book I felt entertained, and learned a lesson that you can change how people treat you, and not to judge a book by its cover.  This book, ‘Now’, is interesting, imaginative and educational. I wanted to be more like Felix.
Angelita, parent

Zelda was a fantastic character. She was both wise and innocent at the same time. She was a very considerate girl who was as much looking after her grandfather as he was looking after her. I thought this was a lovely trait for an 11 year old girl. During their time in the hole, my heart was racing as I didn’t know if they would survive. The story that Felix told Zelda about his little friend, also named Zelda, was deeply sad. That was my favourite part of the book. It was heart-breaking. Overall this was a fantastic story, very interesting from start to finish. I loved that you could laugh and cry at the same time. Excellent read.
Cynthia, parent

This story deals with a lot of issues facing today’s youth, including bullying. My favourite parts in the book were when Tonya (the bully) realises that Zelda is not as stuck up as sge thought, and when Felix went to the fire station to prove to Zelda that she didn’t start the fires. The book was touching, sad and also beautiful. It shows the strength and courage people have when they don’t realise it.
Michelle, parent.