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Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

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Ben's dad
Ben's mum
Raj, the shopkeeper
Mr Parker, nosy neighbour
Flavio Flavioli
The Queen

The Story:

Ben doesn't like visiting his granny. In fact he finds it very boring. One day, when Ben is looking through cupboards he finds a box of stolen jewels. What are the jewels doing there, and who stole them? What does Ben find out, and what does he learn along the way?

About David Walliams:

David Walliams is a well known actor, comedian and television presenter. He is also a bestselling author of books for children. Find out more about David Walliams at his website

How To Catch A Falling Star by Heidi and Daniel Howarth




The Story:

Bear is waiting for a star to fall so he can make a wish. Will his wish come true?

About Heidi and Daniel Howarth:

Heidi and Daniel Howarth are a husband and wife writing team - Heidi writes the words and Daniel draws the illustrations. They have published three other books - The otter who loved to hold hands, The Littlest lighthouse keeper, and The littlest lighthousekeeper to the rescue.