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Wild Boy and the Black Terror

Wild Boy and the Black Terror by Rob Lloyd Jones

Readers aged 9+ will enjoy this pacy mystery adventure set in the underworld of Victorian London. The people of London are at the mercy of a poisoner who strikes without a trace, leaving victims mad with terror...and the dead. If Wild Boy and Clarissa are to find a cure for the Black Terror they must first catch the killer.

 Five Children on the Western Front

Five Children on the Western Front by Kate Saunders

Saunders has written a worthy follow-on to E. Nesbitt's classic Five Children and It. The story explores the impact of the First World War on the Pemberton children and reintroduces the Psammead as a creature with a serious purpose. Highly recommended though it would be best to read Five Children and It first.

Jinx:Wizard's Apprentice

Jinx: Wizard's Apprentice by Sage Blackwood

It's not eveyday that your evil stepdad abandons you in the deep, dark forest of the Urworld. And it's not evey day that a wizard rescues you from the clutches of gnarly trolls. But for Jinx this isn't turning out to be a normal sort of day...

Vader's Little Princess

Vader's Little Princess by Jeffrey Brown

Darth Vader, Sith Lord and leader of the Galactic Empire, faces the trials, joys and mood swings of raising his teenager daughter Princess Leia. Brown entertains readers of all ages as he puts Vader's parenting skills to the test. A fun read for Star Wars fans and anyone who shares their home with a teenage girl!


Legends Of Zita

Legends of Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke

Ben Hatke brings back our intrepid space heroine for another delightful fantasy/sci-fi adventure. Zita is determined to find her way back to earth, but things are neve simple, and certainly never easy in space.


Pokemon Black and White

 Pokemon Black and White Series by Hidenori Kusaka

For fans of Pokemon we have recently added new titles to stock.



Shackleton's Journey

 Shackleton's Journey by William Grill

Shackleton's Journey is a unique visual re-telling of Ernest Shackleton's landmark Antarctic expedition. Grill's beautiful use of coloured pencils and vibrant hues effortlessly evokes the adventure and excitement that surrounded this journey. A must for fans of adventure and survival stories. 

The Great War: Stories Inspired by Objects

The Great War: Stories Inspired by Objects from the First World War

The Great War is a powerful collection of stories from  bestselling authors, each inspired by an object from the First World War. From a soldier's writing case to the nose of a Zeppelin bomb, each object illuminates an aspect of life durign the war and each story reminds us of the millions of individual lives that were changed forever by the four years of fighting.


Medieval Knight

You Wouldn't Want to Be a Medieval Knight by Fiona MacDonald

The You wouldn't Want to Be... series is an ideal introduction to non-fiction for children. The first-person narrative puts the reader in the shoes of some of the most unfortunate people ever to have lived, in this title the son of a servant who dreams of becoming a knight rather than following his father's footsteps. 


RHS Grow Your Own

RHS Grow YOur Own for Kids!‌‌ ‌

Naturetrail Book of the Countryside

Usborne Naturetrail Book of the Countryside

 Quest of the Gods

Quest of the Gods series

Big Nate Out Loud

Big Nate Out Loud

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory




Street Child by Berlie Doherty
This book is based on the true story of a Victorian orphan Jim Jarvis who was given a home by Doctor Barnardo founder of the famous children’s refuge. An adventure story that tells us how Jim survives his life in the clutches of Grimy Nick who keeps him as a prisoner on his coal barge. It is a sad story with a hopeful ending as Jim escapes against all the odds.
Ages 10-12 years

Street Child

The Legend of the Worst Boy in the World by Eoin Colfer
This is a story about brothers Will and Marty who are constantly fighting with each other. This time the fight is over the Giant Jelly Baby competition .The winner of the competition gets to be named the best boy in the world. Will beats big brother Marty and wins the competition. Marty is jealous that his brother is now the best boy in the world. Read this book to discover what furious Marty does next! This is a very funny story with great black and white illustrations of the brothers by Tony Ross
Ages 7-10 years

The Legend of the Worst boy in the World

Beware! Killer Tomatoes by Jeremy Strong
The police are in pursuit of a very worried Jack who is in hospital with a broken leg. They need to investigate an accident in a supermarket involving Jack, a stack of canned tomatoes and an unfortunate old-age pensioner. Told in detective style narrative this story is hilarious and has very funny illustrations by Rowan Clifford.
Ages 7-10 years

Beware Killer Tomatoes

Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman – Horrid Henry No. 16 by Francesca Simon
Horrid Henry is as bad as ever in this book. He hates Moody Margaret and goes into competition with her setting up a business called Monstrous Makeovers which he wants to be better than her Miraculous Makeovers.Unfortunately the pressure gets too much for Henry and her spends a day sulking!A must read for Horrid Henry fans.Great illustrations by Tony Ross.
Ages 7-9 years

Horrible Henry and the Abominable Snowman

Alone on a Wide Wide Sea by Michael Morpurgo
A moving story about poor orphan Arthur Hobhouse who is shipped off to Australia after World War Two. Here he endures mistreatment by a cruel farmer who adopts him.It is his love of the sea that keeps Arthur going during the bad times he spends working on an isolated farming station in the Australian outback. As years go by his life improves and her meets a nurse whose father owns a boat building business.He builds a boat for his daughter Allie who travels solo across the roughest seas back to England in this boat. A typical Morpurgo story that you have to finish!
Ages 10-12 years +

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