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Ghost of ShandonThe Ghost of Shandon

The Children's Library, Grand Parade was the venue for the launch of Alan Corbett's new graphic novel The Ghost of Shandon. Based in 18th Century Cork Alan's book takes the reader on a vivid tour of the historical city introducing children to famous characters such as Nano Nagle, Anne Bonny and John Butts. A must-read for any child who likes the graphic novel genre and  for anybody who has an interest in historical Cork. Alan will be giving workshops as part of Cork City Libraries' Children's Book Festival in October.

Top 5:Recommended books for kids

Street Child by Berlie DohertyStreet Child
This book is based on the true story of  a Victorian orphan Jim Jarvis who was given a home by Doctor Barnardo founder of the famous children’s refuge. An adventure story that tells us how Jim survives his life in the clutches of Grimy Nick who keeps him as a prisoner on his coal barge. It is a sad story with a hopeful ending as Jim escapes against all the odds.
Ages 10-12 years   


The Legend of the Worst Boy in the World by Eoin ColferThe Legend of the Worst boy in the World
This is a story about brothers Will and Marty who are constantly fighting with each other. This time the fight is over the Giant Jelly Baby competition .The winner of the competition gets to be named the best boy in the world. Will beats big brother Marty and wins the competition. Marty is jealous that his brother is now the best boy in the world. Read this book to discover what furious Marty does next! This is a very funny story with great black and white illustrations of the brothers by Tony Ross
Ages 7-10 years

Beware! Killer Tomatoes by Jeremy StrongBeware Killer Tomatoes
The police are in pursuit of a very worried Jack who is in hospital with a broken leg. They need to investigate an accident in a supermarket involving Jack, a stack of canned tomatoes and an unfortunate old-age pensioner. Told in detective style narrative this story is hilarious and has very funny illustrations by Rowan Clifford. Ages 7-10 years

Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman – Horrid Henry No. 16  by Francesca SimonHorrible Henry and the Abominable Snowman
Horrid Henry is as bad as ever in this book. He hates Moody Margaret and goes into competition with her setting up a business called Monstrous Makeovers which he wants to be better than her Miraculous Makeovers.Unfortunately the pressure gets too much for Henry and her spends a day sulking!A must read for Horrid Henry fans.Great illustrations by Tony Ross.
Ages 7-9 years


Alone on a Wide Wide Sea by Michael Morpurgo Alone on a Wide Wide Sea
A moving story about poor orphan Arthur Hobhouse who is shipped off to Australia after World War Two. Here he endures mistreatment by a cruel farmer who adopts him.It is his love of the sea that keeps Arthur going during the bad times he spends working on an isolated farming station in the Australian outback. As years go by his life improves and her meets a nurse whose father owns a boat building business.He builds a boat for his daughter Allie who travels solo across the roughest seas back to England in this boat. A typical Morpurgo  story that you have to finish!
Ages 10-12 years +

Picture Books - new titles now available

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