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Recommended Sites

  • Young Adult Authors provides links to the websites of some of the most popular young adult writers.
  • Guide to Healthcare Schools is a site with advice on health for teens.
  • Homeworkspot lists sites which children might find useful for homework. While it is American orientated it is quite useful.
  • is an excellent site for children which lists some of the best educational sites on the web.  
  • The kids and teens section of the Internet Public Library site is one of the best guides to the web for young people.
  • Internet School Library Media Center Index has links to the websites of authors and illustrators of books for young people.
  • Kaboose is a gateway site to the World Wide Web for kids and teens. The sites have been chosen by librarians.
  • is a site with advice for parents and teenagers on the safe use of the internet.  
  • is very useful for Irish students at first and second levels. It includes material on the junior and senior cycle, advice on preparing for exams, tips about CAO choices and links to other useful sites. Definitely worth exploring.
  • Sparknotes has study-guide notes written by graduates and students on many subjects. It is designed for teenagers.
  • In, Barbara Feldman, a syndicated newspaper columnist, gives her choice of the best sites on the web for children and teenagers.
  • Teenreads is a very good site for teenage readers. It has features on popular authors, reviews and details about new books for teens.
  • is an Irish site launched in February 2006 with advice for parents and children on the safe use of the Internet. It is the internet safety initiative of the National Centre for Technology in Education (NCTE).
  • Webwise is the BBC’s guide to the Internet and computing. It’s aimed mainly at young people but has good, clear information useful to all ages.
  • The Yahoo! Directory pages on Authors for Young Adults provide links to the websites of some of the most popular adult writers on literature for young adults. 

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