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Some Reminiscences of Arnold Bax  by bax afs tf mh.jpegTilly Fleischmann

The following account of Arnold Bax's visits to Cork in the Republic of Ireland was written in 1955. The author, Tilly Fleischmann, pianist and teacher, was born in Cork on 2 April 1882 to German parents. Her father, Hans Conrad Swertz, had come to Cork from Dachau in 1879 to take up a position as cathedral organist. Tilly studied the piano in Munich at the Royal Academy of Music from 1901 to 1906, taking master classes from 1903 with Bernhard Stavenhagen, Liszt's last pupil. In 1905 she married Aloys Fleischmann, a musician from Dachau, a student of Rheinberger's and composer, whom she brought to Cork to succeed her father as cathedral organist and choirmaster. They both worked in Cork until the 1960s. Aloys Fleischmann senior died in January 1964, Tilly on 17 October 1967, teaching until the day of her death at 85. Their son Aloys, called Aloys Óg (óg in Irish meaning `young') studied music in University College Cork and in Munich from 1932-4 under Joseph Haas. He became professor of music in Cork, where he taught from 1934 to 1980. He was a composer, conductor, founder of the Cork International Choral Festival, and an authority on Irish traditional music. Just before his death in 1992, he completed his monumental Sources of Irish Traditional Music, which was published in New York in 1998.


(c) Tilly Fleischmann

(PUBLISHED IN THE BRITISH MUSIC SOCIETY NEWSLETTER 86 June 2000, editor Rob Barnett and on the Bax website)
We gratefully acknowledge the very kind permission of Ruth Fleischmann to print her grandmother's memoirs.