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To learn more about the period 1913-1923, in Ireland and internationally, follow the links below



Department of Arts, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht: click here.

National Library of Ireland: click here.

National Archives of Ireland: click here.

Military Archives (Defence Forces Ireland): click here.

National Museum of Ireland: click here.

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Census online (from National Archives of Ireland): click here.

National Archives of the United Kingdom: click here.

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland: click here.

National Museums Northern Ireland: click here.

Irish History Live (Queens’ University Belfast): click here.

Glasnevin Trust: click here.

History Ireland: click here.

Irish Archives Resource: click here.

Irish History Online: click here.

RTE Archives: click here.

National Library of Ireland – Keogh Photographic Collection

Multitext Project in Irish History (University College Cork): click here.

National Libraries of Ireland – Independent Newspapers Photographic Collection

BBC History: click here.


Ireland 1913-1923

Decade of Centenaries website

National Library of Ireland - online 1916 exhibition

Bureau of Military History (from Military Archives): click here.

Dublin City Council - Decade of commemorations

History Ireland website -- revolutionary period


World War I

Commonwealth War Graves Commission: click here.

Imperial War Museums: click here.

Soldiers’ Wills online (from National Archives of Ireland): click here.

Vienna in 1914

Paris in 1914

Berlin in 1914

St Petersburg in 1914

Oxford WWI poetry archive