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War is Women’s Business

Between 1913 and 1917 Cork Women Susanne Rouvier Day

(1876-1964) writer and suffragist together with Geraldine

Cummins (1890-1969)

collaborated on three plays for the Abbey

Theatre in Dublin –

Broken Faith



Way of the Word

(1914) and the most successful,

the comedy

Fox and Geese

(1917) which played

three times in the Abbey during 1917.

Fox and


was staged in the Opera House in Cork in

February 1918.

Fox and Geese

... is a comedy in three acts, by Misses

Susanne R. Day and G D Cummins (two Cork

ladies)... The plot attempts to describe life among the

farming classes and the process of matchmaking...

If their object was to give anything like a faithful

picture of life as it really is...they have sadly missed

the mark and evidently know nothing whatever of

the habits and customs, language or indeed anything

else of those whom they look upon themselves to is much akin in many respects to what is

known as the stage Irishman and in its conception,

merit or ideas of any worth are altogether absent.

Fox and Geese

was a distinct disappointment, and

the frequent...use of the Creator’s name...chilled the


Cork Constitution February 20th 1918


Fox and Geese

, a light but very laughable three-act comedy by

two Cork ladies, Misses Susanne R. Day and G. D. Cummins...

Though not possessing much depth of conception, it was very

well in the lighter and more inconsequential vein of comedy. The

plot encompasses a series of amusing situations in romance of an

obdurate and unwilling farmer and introduces diverting incidents

around the wily efforts at his capture by a number of neighbouring

lady rivals... The Company were very successful and all acted in a

manner well calculated to greatly enhance their prestige...

Cork Examiner February 19th 1918

Geraldine Cummins

Susanne Day

Reviewers however differed in their analysis of the play...

Day later used her experience as Poor Law Guardian in Cork and her experience

as a volunteer with the Religious Society of Friends War Victims’ Relief in France

(late June 1915 – early 1917) in her writing –

The Amazing Philanthropists (1916)

Round About Bar-le-Duc (1918)

St. Martin’s Cloak (unpublished)

- on display here