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Five Favourite Reads

Constant readers tells us about their favourite five books.

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Kit Cox


Kit is 24 years old and works for a London based advertising agency. He is a semi-pro rugby player. 

David Gemmell
Troy Trilogy
Gemmell has taken an awesome myth and put a different angle on all the hard to believe parts; leaving a vivid and compelling story, as well as impeccably crafted characters who make this impossible to put down. 

George R.R. Martin
Song of Ice and Fire series
Impossible to predict, or to put down -  the only books I have missed numerous tube stops for due to being too engrossed.. and not even regretted it! 

Stephen E. Ambrose
Citizen Soldiers
A vivid telling of the Second World War through the eyes of the soldiers who fought it, giving a personal and intimate account (although heavily biased) of one of the most famous chapters of modern history. Written by the same author as Band of Brothers, this is his best book. 

Antonia Barber (illustrated by Nicola Bayley)
The Mousehole Cat
A childhood book with beautiful illustrations that everyone should see. 

J.R.R. Tolkien
Lord of the Rings
One of the best known fictional series for a reason... great story! 

Rose O'Riordan

Rose O'Riordan was the Bishopstown Library winner of our Five Favourite Reads for Summer competition.

John Steinbeck
East of Eden 
I love this book because the people are real. I feel I know the characters. They have faults but you can understand why they have them.

Agatha Christie
Murder on the Orient Express
It’s really chilling, the sense of being trapped. And the ending is even more disturbing. 

Ken Follett
Fall of Giants
When reading this book, I feel I’m almost a character myself. Brilliantly descriptive. The only problem was the lack of sleep because I could not put it down. 

Eric Carle
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Kids love it and it was my favourite for the first few years of my life. 

Linda Fairstein
Killer Heat
My mother and I love her books. It's exciting and gives you an insight to the characters’ environment. A definite page turner.