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Almost love / Louise O'Neill
Louise O'Neill
Almost love
(London : Riverrun, 2018)
When Sarah falls for Matthew, she falls hard - but Matthew is twenty years older than her and insists their love affair must be conducted in secret. This is the premise in the most recent novel from Louise O'Neill, the author of the much- praised Asking For It. As Marian Keyes says 'A bold uncompromising depiction of obsession and obsessive love - reinvents the templale for the female protagonist - modern, uncomfortable and ultimately moving'. Louise O'Neill lives in West Cork, and her novel Asking For It stayed in the Irish Top Ten fiction chart for over a year.

‌‌The legacy / Yrsa Sigurdadottir
Yrsa Sigurdardottir
The legacy
(London : Hodder & Stoughton, 2017)
Gruesome murders and nail-biting tension are the order of the day in this latest novel by Sigurdardottir, who is often described as the 'Queen of Icelandic Noir'. The methods of dispatch are beyond your most horrible imaginings but the characters and social background of Iceland are nicely observed. Its meant to be the first in a new series of novels featuring 'The Children's House', a refuge for abused or otherwise endangered children. Watch out for the next instalment!

‌‌‌‌The only story / Julian Barnes
Julian Barnes
The only story
(London : Jonathan Cape, 2018)
Barnes uses as an epigraph in this book Samuel Johnson's definition of the novel - 'Novel: A small tale, generally of love' - and this definition from 1755 is still the core of what English fiction is about, human relationships. The 'only story' of the title is the story of how one has loved. Barnes is the author of thirteen novels including The Noise of Time and the Booker Prize winning The Sense of an Ending, as well as short stories, essays and two books of non-fiction. 

‌‌Dunbar / Edward St. Aubyn
Edward St Aubyn
(London : Hogarth, 2017)
This is another volume in the Hogarth Shakespeare Project which features the most acclaimed and bestselling novelists of today retelling Shakespeare's plays as modern fiction. Dunbar tackles King Lear. Henry Dunbar is a once-powerful media magnate now in his dotage in a care home in the Lake District, with three daughters, two of them unkind. St Aubyn is the author of the five Patrick Melrose novels about the British aristocracy which are now being filmed for television with Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role.

The saboteur / Andrew Gross
Andrew Gross
The saboteur
(London : Macmillan, 2017)
The saboteur of the title is Kurt Nordstrum, the time is 1943, the place is Norway, the Nazi hold over Europe looks as if it is weakening but the Nazis have one last card to play - the development of the atomic bomb. The centre of research for this is in a complex in the remote north of Norway so Nordstrum teams up with some of his Resistance comrades to sabotage the project. Can they succeed and how much will they have to sacrifice to free their Norwegian homeland and put an end to the Nazis dreams of world domination? This is a brilliant thriller and war story by an author who began his career co-authoring with James Patterson. 

‌‌The book of chocolate saints / Jeet Thayil
Jeet Thayil
The book of chocolate saints
(London : Faber, 2018)
Thayil is a journalist and poet, born in Kerala in 1959 and educated in Jesuit schools there. This is his second novel, an epic saga of contemporary Indian life as reflected in the career of Francis Newton Xavier, a painter and poet who is returning to India from Manhattan for one final show - and party - in New Delhi. Edna O'Brien says of the work 'This novel is a rich harvest. It moves with the strange and flawless certainty of a dream. It is superbly written and its madness is also its strength'. Thayil's previous novel Nacropolis was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

‌‌An unsuitable match / Joanna Trollope
Joanna Trollope
An unsuitable match
(London : Mantle, 2018)
Trollope's latest novel features Rose and Tyler. They are getting married, they are middle-aged, they both have been married before, and they both have grown-up children who are at best ambivalent about their plans. As ever in Joanna Trollope's work, family tensions are teased out in a civilised and balanced sort of way. An O.B.E., she is the author of twenty previous books including The Rector's Wife, Other People's Children, A Family Affair and Marrying the Mistress.

‌‌Fear / Dirk Kurbjuweit
Dirk Kurbjuweit
(London : Orion, 2018)
This German thriller is the first by Kurbjuweit to be translated into English though several of his seven novels have been adapted for film, television and radio in Germany. Published in German as Angst, it poses the question what would you do to protect your this case a stalker is living downstairs, someone who is ratcheting up the terror on the family upstairs, and no-one is prepared to help, not the police, not the law. You might die for your family, but would you kill? Perhaps you might...

‌‌The well of ice / Andrea Carter
Andrea Carter
The well of ice
(London : Constable, 2017)
Set on the Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal, this 'traditional' crime story features solicitor Benedicta O'Keeffe and her boyfriend Sergeant Tom Molloy. On a trip to Dublin Benedicta meets Luke Kirby - the man who killed her sister. He is out of jail and though initially remorseful, he tells her something that chills her to the bone. Back in Inishowen in time for Christmas she and Tom are out for a walk on Christmas morning when they discover a body lying face down in the snow. Andrea Carter lived on Inishowen for many years and she is now a barrister in Dublin - this is her third novel, following Death at Whitewater Church and Treacherous Strand.

‌‌From a low and quiet sea / Donal Ryan
Donal Ryan
From a low and quiet sea
(London : Doubleday, 2018)
The refugee, the dreamer, the penitent - in a series of interlocking monologues three men, Farouk, Lampy and John, explore the way we humans find support in deep and often surprising connections. Donal Ryan's novella has been described by Roddy Doyle as 'an engrossing, unpredictable, beautifully-crafted novel'. Ryan, who lives in Co. Tipperary, achieved widespread recognition and critical acclaim with his first novel The Spinning Heart, which was a Man Booker longlister in 2013.

‌‌Travelling in a strange land / David Park
David Park
Travelling in a strange land
(London : Bloomsbury, 2018),
As Tom drives through a snow-shrouded landscape to collect his son, sick and stranded in student lodgings, he makes another more difficult journey into a past haunted by memory and clouded by regret. This father and son novel has been praised by authors of the calibre of Bernard MacLaverty, Roddy Doyle and Joseph O'Connor. Park lives in County Down and has written ten previous books including The Light of Amsterdam, The Poets' Wives and The Truth Commissioner .

‌‌‌A long way from home / Peter Carey
Peter Carey
A long way from home
(London : Faber, 2018)
Irene Bobs and her husband Titch are motor sport enthusiasts in 1950s Australia and they enter the Redex Trial, an Australian road race across the continent, with Willie Bachhuber, the fairhaired son of a Protestant preacher, as navigator. Their journey  becomes an exploration of Australia's brutal history of racism and the exploitation and degradation of its indigenous population. Carey's previous novels include the multi-award winning Oscar and Lucinda and The True History of the Kelly Gang. He was born in Australia and lives in New York.

‌‌First person / Richard Flanagan
Richard Flanagan
First person
(London : Chatto & Windus, 2017)
Flanagan's first novel since his Booker Prize winning The Narrow Road to the Deep North is based on an incident from his own life, when as a young writer he was invited to ghostwrite the memoirs of a notorious conman John Friedrich. In the novel Kif Kehlman, a penniless writer, is offered $10,000 to ghostwrite the memoirs of Siegfried Heidl, a corporate criminal who is about to go to jail for his crimes. He accepts the commission but is corrupted by Heidl's corruption and becomes just another purveyor of fake news.

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