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‌‌That was a shiver, and other stories / James Kelman
James Kelman‌‌
That was a shiver, and other stories
(Edinburgh : Canongate, 2017)
A new collection of short stories by a novelist who was the 1994 Booker Prize winner for How late it was, how late. Kelman has been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize a couple of times since then, and his latest novel, Dirt Road, was shortlisted for the Saltire Fiction Book of the Year 2016. The stories in the present volume are excellent, revealing profound human feeling in the ordinary and the everyday, and are a reminder of Kelman's exceptional talent as a writer.

‌‌A patient fury / Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward
A patient fury
(London : Faber, 2017)
This is Ward's third novel featuring Detective Constable Connie Childs. Childs is called from her bed to a fire-wrecked property on Cross Farm Lane, and as she steps from her car she knows the house contains death. Three bodies are discovered, it looks like a family has been obliterated, but Childs is convinced that there is a fourth, undiscovered body which holds the key to the mystery. But how will she find it? Apart from her novels Ward maintains a blog, Crimepieces (www.crimepieces,com), in which she reviews the best of crime fiction from all around the world. She lives in Derbyshire in England.

‌‌Treason's spring / Robert Wilton
Robert Wilton
Treason's spring
(London : Corvus, 2017)
It is 1792 and the French Revolution is entering its bloodiest phase. Paris is full of spies and there is a secret cache of documents in the city which when found will reveal the treacheries of all Europe. A stranger arrives, another agent, and becomes the centre of conspiracy, but Paris is a dangerous place and how is he to survive? This novel is the first of a proposed trilogy by a young writer who won the Historical Writers Association/Goldsboro Crown for best historical debut for his previous book Treason's Tide

‌‌A wartime friend / Lizzie Lane
Lizzie Lane
A wartime friend
(London : Ebury Press, 2017)
Leah escapes from a train bound for a Nazi death camp and is minded by a friendly German Shepherd dog, Rudy. Rescued by an RAF pilot, she is fostered by the pilot and his wife Meg, and forgets everything about her old life. When Meg and Leah, now known as Lily, are forced to flee to Somerset from their London home after a bombing raid the little refugee is unexpectedly reunited with Rudy, who becomes their protector. But can the heroic dog keep Meg and Lily safe? Find out in this heartwarming story of war and friendship.

‌‌The golden house / Salman Rushdie
Salman Rushdie
The Golden House
(London : Jonathan Cape, 2017)
Rushdie is at the height of his powers in this, his latest novel. Nero Golden arrives in New York as Barack Obama is inaugurated. A wealthy property tycoon from a distant country, he and his adult children take on 'Roman' names and assume new identities as they move into a grand mansion in New York. The story of their lives in New York becomes the story of the last eight years in the States and is uncannily prescient about the way American society and politics has developed. In 2008 Rushdie's novel Midnight's Children was judged the 'Best of the Bookers' from forty years of prize-winners. 

‌‌Miss Boston and Miss Hargreaves / Rachel Malik
Rachel Malik
Miss Boston and Miss Hargreaves
(London : Penguin/Fig Tree, 2017)
When Rene Hargreaves is billeted to Starlight Farm as a Land Girl, far from the city where she grew up, she finds farmer Elsie Boston and her country ways strange at first. Yet over the days and months Rene and Elsie come to understand and depend on each other. Soon they can no longer imagine a life apart. But a visitor from Rene's past threatens the life they have built together, a life that has always kept others at a careful distance. Soon they are involved in a war of their own that endangers everything and will finally expose them to the nation's press and the full force of the law. The author has taught English literature at Middlesex University for many years - this is her first novel and it has won accolades from such top writers and reviewers as Penelope Lively and Elizabeth Buchan.

‌‌Y is for yesterday / Sue Grafton
Sue Grafton
Y is for yesterday
(London : Mantle, 2017)
Readers of classic detective fiction will have no need of a blurb for this one - the question is, what is to be done when Grafton reaches Z in her alphabetical series featuring Kinsey Milhone, the P.I. from Santa Teresa in California. Milhone has developed in an interesting way through the series which has become darker in recent instalments. They're still great reads though - in the words of the New York Times 'clever but unpretentious'.

‌‌Are you sleeping / Kathleen Barber
Kathleen Barber
Are you sleeping
(London :Macmillan, 2017)
Josie Buhrman has for years been trying to escape the shadow of her family - her father was murdered, her mother ran off to join a cult, her sister betrayed her in an unimaginable way. Now Josie is living with her partner in New York and is building a new life for herself, but she hasn't told her partner anything about her backrground. But now it is catching up with her as an investigative journalist revisits her father's murder and Josie's life starts to unravel. As the cover of this brilliantly suspenseful novel says, the only thing more dangerous than a lie is the truth!

‌‌Forest dark / Nicole Krauss
Nicole Krauss
Forest dark
(London : Bloomsbury, 2017)
Jules Epstein has disappeared leaving nothing but an empty flat and a monogrammed briefcase. To his family it marks the culmination of a gradual disentanglement from his life as a New York lawyer. With the last of his wealth Epstein checks into the Tel Aviv Hilton. Meanwhile a novelist turns up in the same hotel, hoping that revisiting the scene of happy childhood holidays will unlock her writer's block. But she is drawn into a mystery which will change her in ways she could never have imagined. This profound and beautiful novel of change and self-realisation is Krauss's fourth. She has been hailed as one of America's most important novelists.  

‌‌The white city / Karolina Ramqvist
Karolina Ramqvist
The white city
(London : Atlantic Books, 2017),
Translated from the Swedish, this novel has been a celebrated bestseller in Sweden and the winner of the prestigious Per Olov Enquist Literary Prize. A slow-burning novel of psychological intrigue, it tells the story of Karin who has been left alone and dangerously exposed after the disappearance of her wealthy but shady husband John. All she has now is her little girl, Dream, as she struggles to rebuild her life and reclaim her identity.

‌‌‌The Day of the Dead / Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts
Day of the dead
(London : Head of Zeus, 2017)
In this gripping and believable crime story DCI Eve Clay of Merseyside CID is hunting an ex-convict called Vindici who has filmed himself torturing and killing paedophiles in Liverpool. In spite of the widespread if sneaking admiration for his exploits Clay has to bring him to justice. She thinks she has the case solved until she is sent a photo of Vindici at a Day of the Dead parade in Mexico when he was supposed to be doing his vigilante work in Liverpool...

‌‌Phone / Will Self
Will Self
(London : Penguin/Viking, 2017)
For the four characters at the heart of Will Self's brilliantly acute novel of our times the mobile phone in their pocket may be both a blessing and a curse. For elderly Dr Zachary Busner it is a mysterious object, with its messages like - 'NO CALLER ID - but also it's his life line to his autistic grandson Ben, whose own connection with technology is, in turn, a vital one. For Jonathan De'Ath , aka 'the Butcher', MI6 agent, the phone may reveal his best kept secret of all: that Colonel Gawain Thomas, husband, father, and highly-trained tank commander - is Jonathan 's long time lover. And when technology, love and violence finally converge in the wreckage of postwar Iraq, the Colonel and the Spy's dalliance will determine the destiny of nations. Self is the author of many novels and non-fiction books, including How the Dead Live, The Butt, Umbrella and Shark. He lives in London.

‌‌The marriage pact / Michelle Richmond
Michelle Richmond
The marriage pact
(London : Penguin, 2017)
Jake and Alice are in love and hope their love will last forever, so when they are offered a membership in an exclusive club devoted to the indissolubility of marriage they jump at it. But the Pact as it is called is more determined to save marriages in danger than even Jake and Alice can ever imagine. Because if any of their members break the rules and stray from perfect marital fidelity they are punished and the punishments are growing more severe. True there are no divorces in the Pact but there are a lot of widows...and the loving couple begin to fear for their very lives. This is Richmond's first thriller though she has written six previous novels. 

‌‌The burning ground / Adam O'Riordan
Adam O'Riordan
The burning ground
(London : Bloomsbury, 2017)
A collection of eight short stories set in California and the American Southwest by a young British writer who is also a poet and was the youngest poet-in- residence at The Wordsworth Trust, The Centre for British Romanticism. His poetry collection In the Flesh won a Somerset Maugham Award in 2011 and he teaches creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. This is his first short story collection.

‌‌‌‌I'll die for you, and other lost stories / F. Scott Fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald
I'd die for you and other lost stories
London : Scribner, 2017)
Though Fitzgerald is best known for his novels The Great Gatsby and The Beauitful and Damned - and the latter title became synonymous with his image as a chronicler of the Jazz Age - short stories were his bread and butter. The stories here were 'lost' in different ways, some physically lost, some lost in the turbulence of Fitzgerald's troubled life, some rejected by editors and publishers because they weren't sufficiently glamorous. Here they resurface with a fine introduction by Ann Margaret Daniel. There is also a new biography of Fitzgerald published this year and available in the library - Paradise Lost : a life of F. Scott Fitzgerald by David S. Brown.

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