Children's Book Festival

Welcome to Children's Book Festival 2020

Children's Book Festival | Féile Leabhar na bPáistí

Children's Book Festival has moved online this year, but we still have a great line-up of events for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home or school.

Creative Writing Workshop with Debbie Thomas

This workshop uses fun creative writing exercises to inspire older primary school pupils to create stories, enjoy reading and writing and improve literacy skills. Age: 4th-6th class

The Impossible Library with Dave Rudden, Cat Doyle and Graham Tugwell

Greetings Heroes: The Impossible Library gives students a glimpse into the creative process by having three award-winning authors - Dave Rudden (Knights of the BorrowedDark), Cat Doyle (The Stormkeeper's Island) and Graham Tugwell (Everything is Always Wrong) - improvise a story in real time

Documents to download: Character-Sheets.pdf (size 54.1 KB)and GHO-Rules.pdf (size 132.3 KB)

1st year students

3rd - 6th class students

Creative Writing Workshops with Colin O’Mahoney

Zine-Making (Teenagers)

A start to finish guide to making a traditional, hand-folded zine, with ideas for subject matter (e.g. hobby zine, fan zine) and content.

Idea-Generating (Teenagers)

A workshop designed to help remove the barrier that teens have with ideas, and to allow them to think creatively without self-editing themselves.

Fold over Comic Workshop (Children)

A foldover comic is made by simply folding an A4 sheet in half, forming a four-page booklet. This workshop simply encourages children to tell stories, and demonstrates an easy medium in which to do that.

Bookmark Workshop with Angela

Angela will show you step by step how to make some Harry Potter bookmarks

A History Adventure with Melissa Shiels

Join Melissa Shiels, the Heritage Expert, as she takes you on a living history adventure! Learn about weapons and warfare with the Vicious Vikings. Get hands-on experience of life in the Middle Ages with Medieval Mayhem. Dine with the Terrible Tudors, and spend some time with the Gorgeous Georgians of Cork, learning how they got wealthy, their over-the-top hair and beauty treatments, what they wore, and what they did for entertainment!

Visit Melissa’s YouTube channel for full playlist

Creative Writing Workshops with Shane Hegarty

In this set of workshops, Shane will share tips on how to write stories, create characters and build fantasy worlds.

Documents to download:Boots_Activity_-Booklet.pdf (size 711.3 KB)and Boots_Teacher_Resources.pdf (size 4 MB)

Workshop 1: How To Find Crazy Robot Characters All Around You

Workshop 2: The Beginning, the 'Muddle', and the End -The 3 Parts of a Story

Workshop 3: How The Places You See Everyday Can Inspire Your Story

Storytelling and Creative Writing with Simone Schuemmelfeder

Simone will facilitate three different workshops tailored for different age groups:

Stories on Your Fingertips is a workshop for 3 to 6 year olds where hands are turned into animals.

Reaching for the Stars is a creative writing workshop for older children.

Underwater Stories are creative writing workshops for older children.

Creating Comics with Fiona Boniwell

Comic-Zine Creation | 4-Part Workshop (Age 8+)

Join comic creator Fiona Boniwell for a series of video workshops about making comics. Suitable for children and teens, this workshop covers the basics of writing a comic script, character design, how to choose panels, and drawing comic pages. Participants will need paper, drawing materials, scissors and glue sticks.

Document to download: Comic-Zine-Download.pdf (size 729.3 KB)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Digital Comic Creation | 2-Part Workshop (Teenagers)

Have you ever wanted to make comics digitally rather than with pen and paper? This two-part video workshop explores the free digital comic creation app Medibang, which participants will need to download to their device or desktop.

Parts 1-10