The Reading City

Major library reading events and festivals in the annual calendar

One City, One Book

darkest truth

One City, One Book brings the city together as a community through reading and discussion of a common book. As well as building a sense of community the project aims to promote individual and social wellbeing through literature, local and international culture, discussion and creative writing.

Our book for 2019 is Darkest Truth by Catherine Kirwan.

Watch our Facebook page for details of supporting events.

The project is supported by Cork City Council’s Creative Ireland Team.

“The city that opens the same book closes it in greater harmony.”
-Mary McGrory, The Washington Post

Cork World Book Fest

cork world book fest logo

An annual celebration of international books, reading and writing that takes place each year in late April. This year's festival featured Kit De Waal, Salley Vickers, John Boyne, Dr. Anatoly Kudrayavitsky, Zhu Wenying, and more. Please visit the website for full information at