Plan B newsletter for Bealtaine

Plan B Newsletter | Nuachtlitir Plan B

Plan B for Bealtaine is a weekly newsletter which Cork City Libraries is issuing each week in May 2020 to celebrate Bealtaine. The festival is a very important one to older people many of whom are cocooning and self isolating at this time. This newsletter is reaching out, promoting arts and creativity in place of our usual programme of personal gatherings. Library staff, creatives and library groups and clubs contribute to the newsletter which is available in hardcopy, digital and audio formats. Over 1500 newsletters will be distributed each week for the month of May by Cork City Libraries and in partnership with Cork City Council Community Response Team.

Download the newsletter here, and visit also our Talking Newsletter page to listen to library news and projects.

Plan B issue 1.pdf (size 2.4 MB)

Plan B Issue 2.pdf (size 2.3 MB)

Plan B issue 3.pdf (size 2.5 MB)

Plan B issue 4.pdf (size 2.1 MB)