Bye-laws, policies and guidelines in operation in Cork City Libraries


A number of bye-laws, policies, and guidelines help to govern procedures for the overall benefit of members of and visitors to Cork City Libraries. Some policies are for the protection and safety of library visitors and library staff.

My Open Library

Cork_City_Libraries_My_Open_Library_Policy.pdf (size 135.7 KB)

Data Privacy policies

Data provided by you when you register for the library:

Libraries Ireland Privacy Statement

Cork City Council Privacy Statement

Internet and computer facilities

Policy_on_Use_of_PCs_Internet_and_WiFi_v2.pdf (size 313.4 KB)

Use of 3D Printers

Cork City Libraries 3D Printing Policy v3.pdf (size 77 KB)

Room Bookings, Exhibition Bookings, Noticeboards

Use of Library Spaces Policy and Guidelines.pdf (size 411.9 KB)

Using mobile phones

  • Please respect other library users;
  • Please set your phone to silent, or to a quiet ring-tone;
  • If you receive a call please reply quietly and discreetly, and use hallways to receive and make calls.

Kids and Teens

Please find our Child Safeguarding Statement here.
In addition, please be advised that

  • Parents are responsible for their children's safety and behaviour at all times in our libraries
  • Children aged 7 or under may not be unaccompanied in our libraries
  • Children need written parental permission to use the internet in our libraries

A Digital Strategy for Cork City Libraries

Digital_Strategy_Cork_City_Libraries.pdf (size 3.3 MB)

A City Reading - A Collections Development Policy

A City Reading A Collections Development Policy for Cork City Libraries.pdf (size 6.3 MB)

CCTV policies

City_Library_CCTV_policy.pdf (size 52.3 KB)
Local Libraries: Please ask the Executive Librarian at your local library

Literacy Friendly Statement and Policy

Raiteas_agus_Polasai_a_Thacaionn_le_Litearthacht.pdf (size 193.3 KB)

Literacy_Friendly_Statement_and_Policy.pdf (size 154.1 KB)

Social Media Commenting Policy

Social_Media_Commenting_Policy.pdf (size 145.5 KB)

Image and Media Use Policy

Image_and_Media_Use_Policy.pdf (size 161.5 KB)