Centenary Map 1913 - 1923

This map illustrates historical events from 1913 - 1923

Centenary Map 1913 - 1923

The period 1913 - 1923 was one of great tumult and change for the people of Cork. Cork City Libraries, through our programme, It Seems History is to Blame, is seeking to commemorate the momentous events the shaped the social landscape in Cork at this time, and contribute to a better understanding of the complex relationship between its people and these events.

Each pin on the Centenary Map details an event which occurred in or about Cork City during the period 1913 - 1923. Every care has been taken to ensure each pin is placed in as precise a location as possible. Equally, every effort has made to describe the events at a location in its proper historical context. Primary resources such as contemporary newspaper reports and witness statements (as collated by the Bureau of Military History) form the basis of the map with supplementary information from books and maps listed below in the Bibliography.

Cork City Libraries would also like to acknowledge the work of UCC undergraduate Shane Kent at the initial stages of this project, and Eoin Long, UCC Digital Humanities undergraduate, who completed the project.


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